Wednesday, 1 June 2016

I Would Love To Get Window Tinting

I would love to get window tinting on my car. I found great deals at Austin window tint. I live and work in a city where I am constantly at stoplights, and I hate it when other drivers look at me. I mean, we are all sitting at the same stoplight, why can you not just mind your own business? Just waste time on your phone and tweet somebody or something. It seems like every other driver is doing that.

I do not want so much window tinting that I am invisible. I am not even sure that level of window tinting is possible where I live due to local laws. I do want enough that men can not stare at me and lust. I take pride in my appearance, but I do not want to be objectified while waiting for a green light.

Enough window tinting to keep the bright sun from blinding me would be idea. My drive home often takes me west, and that means the setting sun is in my eyes in the winter afternoons. That can be a problem seeing pedestrians and stoplights. I do not need the black windows of a private limousine. I just want enough tint to be comfortable.

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